Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pewter Classes and Courses


My classes are a little different to the way most people teach and I have done this for a reason. Most people seem to think that with one or two lessons you are well on your way. Well that might be true as far as being able to make lots of different things in pewter but then often one begins to get bored.

I am an artist and have been doing arts and crafts for almost 40 years so I get bored easily. Pewter is either a craft or an art and each person must decide for themselves how far they want to go with their pewter work. Do you want to make the same things everyone is making or do you want your work to be different and have your own special look?

My classes are very in depth and we cover a lot in the 6wks. Once you have done the 6 week course you will be well on your way to making just about anything you want without feeling that you don't know what to do next.

The Vintage Course is for advanced students. Anyone who has done a course with me, will know that I have a Pewter language when I teach, tram lines, ski jumps, reverse tracing, drunk ants and many more Carylisms ! When doing the vintage course it is important that people know what they are doing because if they don't, the class is held up with me trying to teach something that a student should already know and then other students are kept waiting for the demonstrations and assistance they might need from me one on one. So, if you are interested in doing the Vintage course I would need to see your work, before agreeing to you doing the course. A bit of a mouthful but basically that's how it works.

There are a lot more photos of finished work on the Facebook page so please drop by and leave your comments.

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