Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pewter Case for Glasses or tools to travel.


This is what not to do :o(

Don't you just love it when someone else makes something, they make all the mistakes, then you can do it properly!! I wanted to see if I could get this pewter to shape around the corners. OK so here is the wrong way of doing it and how I would do it next time.

Draw around the case with a pencil onto tracing paper.
leave enough around the edge not only to go down the sides but also have about 3 mm more to tuck over inside the box.
Don't glue all of the pewter before you put it onto the case. First glue the design that touches the top of the case and leave the sides for later. Allow this to dry prperly so that it doesn't slip around while you are pushing and pulling.
Be patient, which I am not. My daughter is coming for lunch and I wanted to finish this before she arrives... one and a half hours?... ridiculous !
When you have made sure the top has stuck down nice and firmly, don't cut a 'V' into the corners as I did, rather cut one nik into the corner and then fold one side in and then the other. Glue all the way around the pewter and the case, allow a few minutes to become tacky.. contact glue must be on both sides. When it is dryish... fold one half of the pewter in as you would do when wrapping a present, and then do the other side, folding the corners in neatly like a present, well it is really... a gift for you :o)

5. Now here is the trick, take the back of one of your tools and rub the pewter hard against the case to flatten it completely and squash out any bubbles and neaten off the corners. there will now be that 3mm I was talking about left over. Don't rush it, first let the sides dry properly. Now add glue to that last little bit and tuck it over using the back of one of your tools. Voila Good luck.

Now I am going to write something underneath my pewter and then do this same thing on the underside of mine.
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