Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Samples of my work

 Making faces in pewter requires a little bit more patience and understanding of how pewter actually works to get things in proportion as far as what protrudes out and what doesn't. Advanced Class
 Sometimes we find an object that is begging for pewter work, this cross was one of them. Then what do you do if you haven't got a pattern.... you ask me to make one for you!
 This is very simple a child could do it, but the end result is quite cute. A little tin for bits and bobs.
 This box was made by one of my students as a Christmas present for someone special. I thought the end result was amazing considreing she has only been doing pewter for a few months.
 Sample box canvases that I have placed above my kitchen sink rather than the boot of my car. I say if it can stand still... put pewter on it.
Tissue box made for a Christmas order. The lady who ordered this one bought several of them as gifts for her clients.

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